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Ants belong to a family of insects, which also contain the bees and wasps. Ants are, in fact, a group of small and highly specialised wasps, which have one of the most advanced forms of social life amongst the insects. They live in colonies that ranges from a few to hundreds of thousands of individuals. Due to their ability to organise and administer a society leave humans far behind. A large colony of Ants presents thousands of mouths to feed. Foraging is an important job, which is the duty of the workers. Although some Ants favour certain foods, most are omnivorous, meaning they will eat a wide variety of substances including insects, honeydew, sweets, grease, oils, vegetables etc. Most ants carry food to the nest where they feed the Queen and larva (the young). Of the many species of Ants in Singapore, only a small number have become pests of homes and offices.

  Types of  Ants species in Singapore:

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