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Where do you treat?

That really depends on the pest.  All our treatments focus on the places where the particular pest will breed, hide or feed.  In the majority of cases internal treatments are kept well away from contact with you.  If you are concerned, our Maximum Pest Management technician can explain what will be done in your home before he starts.  In most cases, treatments can be slightly modified if you have any major concerns.


How long before I can come back in?

This depends on the pest being treated.¬† Generally you don’t even have to leave the premises unless you are concerned.¬† Our techniques are very localised and the technician will advise you where and when you can enter.Generally speaking, once any liquid treatment has dried it is safe to enter the area that has just been treated.Treatments that involve applying pesticides into the atmosphere or fine mists (such as flea treatments) will require you to leave the premises for a period of time.


What is the Service Warranty?

With pest control, you cannot always find every nook and cranny that the pests are hiding.¬† We design our treatments to try and stay one step ahead of the pests, however you can’t always second-guess nature.


Last time I had my home sprayed it smelt like kero for a month Рwill this happen?

Most of the formulations used in our treatments are odourless, however some still have solvent odours.  We always try to use odourless products indoors.Its good to know that the smell is never what is going to kill the pest Рso odourless products are just as effective (if not more so) that many of the old style products that had odours.If you have any concerns at all Рplease let your Maximum Pest Management technician know before they commence the service.

Our Service Warranties provide you with the peace of mind that should the pest problem arise during the period of the warranty, we will come back, re-inspect and if necessary re-treat specific areas to close the gate on the pest problem.

That’s why we have the slogan “Guaranteed Gone.¬† If they come back – so do we!”.

Do you have a different question?

We’d love to help out with an answer – It might be something lots of others would like to know as well.

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