Termite Soil Treatment For Pre Construction

Why Conduct Soil Treatment

Termites damage more homes yearly than fires, rain and natural wear & tear combined. That’s why it is imperative to conduct soil treatment before the construction process begins. Termites proof your property against subterranean termite intrusion. Don’t wait for the problem to start before taking action.

Corrective Treatment 02


  • Treatment of soil before pouring concrete footings
  • Treatment of sand, rock or dirt before pouring concrete floors
  • Rodding / Trenching around foundation after final soil grade


Soil treatment includes MaxPest Five-Year no-fee warranty and an annual termite inspection. After five years, you are advised to conduct corrective treatment. MaxPest offers existing clients incentives.

MaxPest Warranty is transferable to subsequent property owners.

We will also undertake an annual inspection free from charge during the warranty period. During this time, if any Subterranean Termite infestation is detected MaxPest will carry out Dusting and or Baiting Treatment to eradicate any activity.

Approved Chemical (Termiticide)

Optigard® Termite Liquid
Active Ingredient – Thiamethoxam 21.6% w/w suspension concentrate (SC)

DOSAGE PER HOLE : 4-5 Litres
DILUTION RATE       : 1: 400

Thiamethoxam targets the nicotinic acetycholine receptors in the insect’s nervous system, resulting in death of the exposed insect. Neonicotinoids have a significantly different mode of action compared with other classes of insecticides (e.g. pyrethroids, phenylpyrazoles, pyrroles.) commonly used for pest control. Thiamethoxam provides contact and ingestion activity on all stages of insect development. Thiamethoxam is non-repellent and can be transferred from exposed to unexposed insects that exhibit social behaviour, such as termites.

  • Non-repellent insecticide
  • Low use rates (0.2%)
  • Kills termites by contact and ingestion
  • Non-volatile and non-staining
  • Excellent efficacy against termites and wood-destroying insects
  • Flexible use to control termites.


Approximately: 1-3 Days with manpower of Two to Three (2-3) MaxPest Technicians.


Please feel free to contact us for a free site consultation where our expert consultants will conduct an inspection and provide you with an educated quotation.

Please feel free to call us at 1800-MaxPest (1800-6297378) or click this to use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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