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What is Xterm™?

Xterm™ is a revolutionary termite baiting system that has been scientifically engineered to target termites which we commonly find infesting homes in Singapore.

How safe is Xterm™?

Xterm™ baiting is 100% non toxic to humans. The quantity in each baiting station is also closely monitored as weekly visits are qequired to manage the termite control program. The chemical composition has no adverse affect on adults, their children or on pets. In addition the bait is held in a secure cartridge. The product meets the highest standards set by NEA and is fully approved for use in and around the home.

Why use Xterm baiting?

Xterm™ is environmentally friendly and it is also a non intrusive treatment process. Baiting with Xterm also ensures that the entire colony is eradicated, giving clients a peace of mind. Through exhausting the various other treatment methods available, MaxPest has determined that the re-infestation calls are significantly lesser or close to none after adopting Xterm Baiting into its treatment methods.

What is an insect growth regulator?

Insect growth regulators (IGRs) act by inhibiting chitin synthesis in the body of an insect. Chitin is the main component in an insect’s exoskeleton, without which the insect is not able to moult properly during metamorphosis leading to their death.

What are the current termite control methods?

Other than the physical barriers that are used in some countries, other chemical termite control methods include the treatment of soil under and around buildings to form protective barriers. This often involves the need to drill numerous holes in flooring and the application of termicide into the ground.

Dusting or Spraying termicide “Spot Treatment” though these treatment methods provide an immediate result. MaxPest does not adapt these methods as the re-occurrence of termites has been eminent, resulting in larger scale damage to the clients premises. Baiting has proved to be the only method for complete nest eradication.

What is arsenic trioxide?

Arsenic compounds have been use to develop pesticides since the 18th century. Arsenic compounds are remarkably stable and once treated, objects containing arsenic can probably never be fully decontaminated. Due to its many compounds being especially potent and poisonous its been banned for use.

How can I benefit from using Xterm™?

Xterm™ is one of the very few proven means of destroying the termite colony, which is usually situated deep in the ground away from the building which it is attacking. Xterm™ contains a low hazard active ingredient that is target-specific, held inside a biodegradable bait matrix. This matrix is highly palatable to termites and once termites locate it, they will not stop feeding until the colony collapses*.

*No Prior treatment to have been conducted.

Do I need to drill holes in my landed property and pump chemicals into it?

There is no need to drill holes to place Xterm™. The Above Ground bait stations can be mounted using adhesive tape** and the In Ground bait stations are inserted into pre-dug cavities surrounding your premises.

**In certain situations, screws may be required.

How long does it take to solve the problem?

Xterm™ is the fastest colony eradication baiting system in the market. Colony eradication can be expected between 2 – 3 months from the time the termites start to feed on the bait. However, if the termite colony is very well established, the treatment duration may stretch a few extra weeks.

Any Precautions I can take for Termites?

Unfortunately, other than corrective treatment there is nothing one can do to deter termites. MaxPest offers a termite inspection program. Early detection means lesser damage.

We strongly advise against spraying any insecticides when termites are seen as this will only result is a far greater intrusion in time to come. MaxPest regularly encounters Clients that have engaged a vendor who does not employ Xterm baiting or a situation where a pesticide had been introduced. In both scenarios the termite infestation levels have been alarming.

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