Xterm Baiting Termite Control

Termite Control Using Xterm Baiting System

Xterm Termite baiting is a tried and tested baiting system having been a proven method of termite control that doesn’t require the application of liquid termiticides into the soil. It also doesn’t require drilling through foundation walls, flooring or other interior structural parts of the home, making installation a simpler and less intrusive process.

Xterm baiting is by far the treatment option MaxPest recommends when subterranean termites are involved.

Termite bait systems are also popular with customers who simply prefer the baiting approach to liquid treatment. This is largely a matter of personal preference because modern non-repellent liquid treatments are also applied in very low dosages. Still, some consumers consider baiting systems to be a more environmentally friendly and a “green” termite solution.

How does Termite Baiting Work?

Maximum Pest Management uses only tried and tested Termite  Baiting Systems. Our Service Guarantee ensures that we will solve your problem thus we have gone through the trouble to find the systems available in the market that works.

Xterm Termite Baiting Systems can be installed indoor (picture above) or in the soil (for outdoors) infestation. High-density plastic stations are placed around the home or other structures which require treatment, protection and even maintenance. Once the stations are installed, a cellulose bait is placed in each station. Cellulose is the component in wood that gives it structural rigidity. It’s also what termites eat and are attracted to.

The stations are inspected regularly by a MaxPest Xterm trained technician and when termite activity is detected, the cellulose bait is replaced with a cartridge containing a matrix of cellulose and a slow acting termiticide.

Termites feed on the bait and spread the termiticide throughout their colony. Over the course of time, the colony is eliminated. When that happens, the bait is replaced with the plain cellulose bait and the stations continue to be monitored for any new termite activity.

Click to See Termites Feeding On Termite Bait

Can’t I Do This Myself?

Unfortunately not. Don’t be fooled by “monitoring” systems sold online. Only licensed Vector Control Companies can purchase these controlled items. Moreover, it will only be effective if handled by professionals who understand the nature of termite biology and have the tools necessary to properly install, inspect and maintain the system.

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